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Greeting Cards, Gifts, Cushions & DiverseGifts in Brixton…

in collaboration with Brixton Makershood, who I am a member off (you can see my page here) and will be showing other members work at DiverseGifts in Brixton

diverse gifts logo

Their website is currently being updated and the physical shop is relocating to Coldharbour Lane, visit the facebook page to keep up to date.

Click the images below to visit my Etsy shop – I will also list them on Folksy & WowThankYou.

English Garden Greeting Cards

English Garden Greeting Cards – add your sentiment & then your loved one can frame the artwork keeping your words secret & close by for years to come!

English Garden Greeting Cards as seen in small sized frames

English Garden Greeting Cards as seen in small sized frames


Autumnal Trees Square Greeting Cards shown in frames and on printed textiles - Cushions

Autumnal Trees Square Greeting Cards shown in frames and on printed textiles – Cushions



I will also be selling larger sized prints in frames and Jewellery Pendants at the shop.

Online purchases will also be available via and soon.


Not just Photography…

Not just Photography!

I’m suppose to keep my photography, illustration and textiles separate but I’m finding that trying to split everything on different sites and blogs, means I just don’t update anything at all so what’s the point… I might as well join everything together – I don’t’ believe people can be that confused if someone has interests that reach into different areas… I personally see that they link – all visual and some blend into each other…

like these…

Photo pendants - Jewellery

Photo pendants – Jewellery

Photo pendants - Jewellery

Photo pendants – Jewellery

Photo pendants - Jewellery

Illustration and Photo pendants – Jewellery

Photo pendants - Jewellery

Photo pendants – Jewellery

Two Colour Screen Prints

Two Colour Screen Prints

I’ve always wanted to develop my illustrations more and I’m currently working on some greeting cards featuring a character that I developed for my baby Niece.

lamb Carrots birthday card

lamb Carrots birthday card

lamb Carrots illustration

lamb Carrots illustration

I’ve started adding other greeting cards on my Etsy shop which are available as digital downloads… only added a few so far but plan more – if anyone has any requests then let me know!

greeting card

greeting card – flowers within flowers… double the flowers!

Greeting Cards - digital downloads

Dreaming of Blue Skies greeting card – digital download in my etsy shop

Greeting Card - We're moving

Greeting Card – We’re moving

Did Someone Say Lunch? greeting/invitation card

Did Someone Say Lunch? greeting/invitation card

Red Breasted Robin Blank Greeting Card/Notelet Digital Download

Red Breasted Robin Blank Greeting Card/Notelet Digital Download


a few updates…

This blog has gone awry… sorry about that.

I have another blog which is to do with working for myself so I’m suppose to update that website/blog which I find hard enough but I’ve signed up to an online drawing/creative class so I will start to add my progress.


Before my Niece was born I came up with several ideas for things to make for her… many were beyond my skills as my imagination took hold! but I did come up with a little plush toy to make… here’s a sketch of the toy with a friend… who is very jealous of the balloon!

sketch of plush toy

sketch of plush toy

I made the one on the right for Sola. seen below the scary alien (that’s obviously not for Sola!)

'Lamb Carrots' plush toy

‘Lamb Carrots’ plush toy

below is a version re-created in Illustrator, which I’ve not used in years so proved to be a challenge – did help finding out that you can add multiple effects to one shape hoorah!

I couldn’t figure out a good way to create a fluffy coat though… oops.

'Lamb Carrots' illustration

‘Lamb Carrots’ illustration

I made Sola a Birthday Card for her first birthday – should have kept the background less fussy but I don’t think a one year old will mind too much!

'Lamb Carrots' illustration - Birthday Card for Sola

‘Lamb Carrots’ illustration – Birthday Card for Sola

Here’s Sola on her first birthday eating the “Lamb Carrot plush” – if you wonder why the name well my twin brother (Sola’s dad) came up with it and it’s now stuck.

She’s so stylish for a one year old!

'Lamb Carrots' plush toy being eaten by Sola

‘Lamb Carrots’ plush toy being eaten by Sola

I did make a rabbit toy for her too… I forgot to take pictures so here’s a mobile phone pic of the body and the completed version – next time I visit Sola (she lives in Paris and I in London!) I will have to get a picture of her with the rabbit – if it’s still in one piece and not eaten alive!!) lol

Bunny Plush body

Bunny Plush body

Bunny Plush toy for Sola

Bunny Plush toy for Sola – forgot to take a proper photo (iphone)

wee critters…

I’ve just made some proto-type critters using Spoonflower… a company that prints your designs onto fabric.

I was trying to make a screen print Clara rag doll but I had some problems with exposing the screen and I don’t really have the room to try again so I though I’d give Spoonflower a try!

3 'Blipi's from one fabric set - spoonflower

3 'Blipi's from one fabric set - spoonflower

one set has a set of 4 ranging from tiny to large cushions and another set has 2 giant cushions (two colours) and once I’ve tested and tweaked the design (I’m not too happy with it at the moment) then I can either sell it from Spoonflower (the printed fabric but the buyer sews it themselves) or do it myself and sell via!

one giant 'Blipi' from Spoonflower Printed Fabric

one giant 'Blipi' from Spoonflower Printed Fabric

scarf up-cycled toy with Blipi's in the background

scarf up-cycled toy with Blipi's in the background

Floofy Ring and Choker

I brought the ring base (I’ll have to look up where from as I can’t remember off hand) and it’s an adjustable silver square design.

Thick felt was added… red with a cream stripe and 3 little perl beads were added. I then fluffed up the felt to give it a more wispy feel!


The choker band in the background was taken apart as I wasn’t happy with the finish… might remake it if I can find a better way. It had a cream ribbon threaded through it’s centre and was made using a thick cream felt which was fluffed up!

Floofy Ring


Weaving in the New Year…

what with all the hassles of travelling anywhere over the Christmas period and feeling a little I found myself making my own weaving frame! (not something I ever thought would happen on such a night!)

Frame Loom - first try

Maybe it was in response of trying to re-do my website and spending a stupid amount of time tweaking codes that I don’t really understand… sometimes sitting at a computer for hours sends you doolally and a nice play with some yarn/latex makes things more balanced!

I know several programers and coders who create crafts in their spare time… think its to do with digital items never really exist .. you can’t hold them and see from different angles where you can with cloth and craft items.

Anyway… I spent the time glueing some wood that was left over from making Clara’s stage and then added some nails at 4am (there as a party going on downstairs and the neighbours were out so I didn’t disturb anyone) and then warped it up and tried it out.

I think I would like to make a rigid heddle at some point – it’s easy to pass the shuttle (the bit with the yarn wrapped around it.. like a huge needle!) from right to left but going the other way is a slight pain but maybe I just need more practice.

The above image on the right shows the shuttle going under one side of the heddle – I have two heddles… one is a long stick that you just flip onto it’s side and that lifts all the even warps (strings) up so the shuttle passes underneath… the black yarn is holding the odd warps so when you lift those you can pass the shuttle from the left to the right but it’s not as easy as the rigid heddle (stick) version… it’s possible to make rigid heddles so when I get time I’ll give it a try.

© Erin Curry 2007-2010

I had wanted to create a haphazard mesh style a little like Erin Curry (click on image to visit her rather gorgeous blog!) but I’m pretty sure the threads need to be ‘locked’ in place somehow so until I find out how to do that or at least have more time to experiment… maybe wrapping threads (thick/thin) around the warp threads which would create little windows of their own I’ll continue with a simple flat weave.

This is all I’ve done so far:

Weaving Frame Loom

I found a four shaft table top weaving loom a few weeks back but it’s a little scary to warp up when you don’t know what you are doing… but since playing with the frame loom and also the peg loom that I’d made just before Christmas it doesn’t seem so daunting… but my dissertation and other projects will need to be worked on before I can give it a try… here’s some images of my peg loom (it wont win any prices for neatness but it’s meant as a tool rather than an ornament!) it also has two sizes of pegs.. I can also take the pegs out and use them to ‘stick weave’ which just means you can hold 4 or 5 sticks in your hand and weave in bed ;-P

I’ve recently got my friend ‘hooked’ and she wants the base and more pegs which I’ve nearly finished… I just need to cut the wood base a little more to make it thinner which will be easier to use she wants to weave in front of her TV – she did take up crochet but has problems with her wrist so I thought peg/stick weaving would cause less stress… but the spead at which she weaves I’m sure she’ll damage herself again! (she’s made about four huuuuuge long scarfs in the space of a week!!)

home-made peg loom & scarf

Stick weaving scarfs

Stick weaving scarfs

Stick weaving scarfs

close up of felted peg loom scarf... this actually looked better before felting - might have to buy some more of this yarn... so soft!!

Resin and plastics…

I attended a resin/cold-enameling class at the City-Lit in London for two days as I would like to create my own jewelry at some point.

Since creating items for Clara the stop motion puppet, I’ve found that I rather enjoyed the process of creating molds and using latex. I wanted to try other mediums like resin (you don’t need to own a kiln for this technique which is a plus as they are expensive they need their own generators/electricity transformers – I don’t think my landlord would appreciate it either (renting in London is a pain!)

The resin comes in two parts – the resin itself and the hardener. You have to measure the two parts using a scale as the hardener is rather thicker  compared to the resin.

Resin FAIL! these were the bottom layers of resin and 3 other layers were to go on top once it had 'cured' but I'll have to start again now :-(

I’ve tried creating my own molds and resin shapes at home on three occasions now… twice it has failed… grrrr

The first time I didn’t add enough hardener … the second time too much – I’m not sure how that works, why not cure if there was too much hardener??

oh well… I’ll have to try and clean up the resin out of the molds and start again – gooey resin is a nightmare to clean up (nail polish remover does help but it still takes a long time).

Artist Book Structures, (elective)

For my BA course 2nd year elective I chose Artist Book Structures as I love books in their entirety – binding, covers, images, text.
Try searching for such keywords as: Artist Books, Book Binding, Creative Books, (add more)

Artists Book Structure
(Elective for 2nd Year)

Elements of Architecture

Buildings contain people… these people have thoughts and dreams within them.
Books are also containers of people’s thoughts and dreams.
People’s tongues are devices of communication, they can tell others about their Ideas, dreams and desires,
Other people read these dreams and learn to create things… like buildings!

The Book of Tongues:

The structure I decided to make is sculptural in its form – a modernist design similar to the lines of the Guggenheim Museum in Spain and the post modernist Lloyds Building in London.

The ‘Book of Tongues’ features the elements of what a tongue can do (Obviously more could be added but this particular design limits this to 6).

The protective case is a simplistic shape that protects and closes on the tongues, the viewer will have no clue of what’s in side, when the lid is lifted the viewer is surprised by what they find. On top of the recess in the case a small booklet sits (not pictured) this has the rational written on the same type of paper as the tongues and has a textured cover with holes cut through – will add images of this once I have received back the object from grading).

Which is six tongues connected to arc shaped holders – The Book of Tongues used similar techniques to Pop-up, but they are static rather than open and shut with the closing of the box.

It is possible to make these holders swivel round like a spiral staircase and the Tongues could fan out rather than lift, another version test was created using wire embedded into the tongues so that they could be lifted and twisted… with the hope to enable ‘tongue twisted’ moments!

tags for portfolio:

Handmade tags for project folder

(examples of other structures made in class)


Two Photographs that embody Wabi Sabi

Task 2:

Produce 2 photographs which embody the ideas of Wabi Sabi.

  1. A pinhole image
  2. An image which can be taken with any camera, but represents the ideas portrayed in this philosophy

Pinhole Photography: I’ve made two pinhole cameras using card (and lots of black tape!), several energy drink can pinholes and a pinhole ‘lens’ cover for my Holga (which never worked – the hole needs to be closer to the film but it was worth a try!)

home made pin-hole cameras & Holga mod (which didn't work lol)

home made pin-hole cameras & Holga mod (which didn’t work lol)

2 home made pinhole cameras & 1 Holga mod

I was very doubtful about whether it would work as I’d seen several sights giving information on how to mod the Holga but I don’t want to remove my lens and break my camera as I can’t really afford to buy another – might give it another go when I can afford to. Think I’ll try making the matchbook pinhole camera that uses film. you’ll find instructions at

Pinhole Camera made from Cat Food Pouch box - Elephant & Castle

Pinhole Camera made from Cat Food Pouch box – Elephant & Castle

The first try with the smaller pinhole camera – Over exposed!

1st go – over exposed so there isn’t much detail (approx exposure 55 seconds) This was taken with the rectangle pinhole camera. I also added a photographic sheet of paper to the side of the box and got this following image.

paper placed on the side of a Pinhole Camera - Elephant & Castle

paper placed on the side of a Pinhole Camera – Elephant & Castle











side exposure from box pinhole camera

paper placed on the side of a Pinhole Camera - Elephant & Castle

paper placed on the side of a Pinhole Camera – Elephant & Castle

I had one piece of photographic paper at the back and one at the side (to see what would happen! The paper at the back either came out blank (?) or was lost in the confusion of the darkroom (lots of other students adding theirs at the same time)

Pin hole camera - pringle tube - Faraday Memorial Cube in Elephant & Castle

Pin hole camera – pringle tube – Faraday Memorial Cube in Elephant & Castle

Faradays Memorial taken with a energy drink can Pinhole Camera – which is the easiest as you create the pinhole with a size 16 sewing needle which you poke straight into the can itself – you don’t need to make a separate lens plate as you do with the cardboard boxes (the card has rough edges because of the nature of card/paper fibers and unless you want a fiborous edging to your photograph it is best to poke the hole in a small piece of aluminum (ie: coke can metal) and then stick this to your card pinhole camera).

This image needed a longer exposure (I took this approx 25 seconds but I think I counted rather too quickly – didn’t include any bananas!)

Wabi Sabi – An acceptance of transience.

Teaism is a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence. It inculcates purity and harmony, the mystery of mutual charity, the romanticism of the social order. It is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life.

THE BOOK OF TEA By Kakuzo Okakura

Wabi Sabi is a term used for objects that are imperfect or shows signs of decay (signs of life?!), from a dried up leaf, rust on a car or a crumbling building; being able to see beauty in something that is old or worn; accepting the natural cycles of growth, decay, and death

Today’s society has a preference for shiny brand new things and anything with a little ‘character’. For example, the signs of age on the human face belies a person’s characteristics, are seen as old and should be ignored or dismissed in some way. (Photographic retouchers are often told to remove wrinkles and lines from portraits but, I always leave some behind or lighten them just a little, otherwise I find that the person becomes unrecognisable).

Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things in others

THE BOOK OF TEA By Kakuzo Okakura

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station with moody sky!

This photograph was taken using a modern entry level Digital SLR (Pentax K100D) and features the Battersea Power Station. (Something new and something old)

The 75 year old Battersea Power Station is the biggest brick building in Europe (some say the world), (Battersea

This building is apparently loved by all despite it’s early days of the public saying it would be eyesore and promises of it being re-built has yet to materialise so it is slowly crumbling – The image below shows scaffolding on the chimneys but it’s seems that only basic repairs are done. (Not another Brighton West Pier situation!). Let’s hope that Rafael Viñoly‘s plans will be completed unlike the other numerous failed redevelopment plans (one of which removed the roof of Battersea leaving the building open to the elements).

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station from another angle

You can find some fantastic photographs taken from inside the building (and from the chimneys here:

Wabi-Sabi as a user experience – borrowed from Without Thought blog *NOTE: graph now taken down as didn’t credit the work of the writer Leonard Koren – which meant I had linked it wrong as well! oops –  you will Mr Koren’s book on Amazon*.

“Text is from Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren.”

Books for Artist, Poets, and even interior design covering Wabi Sabi can be found on Amazon

An example of Wabi Sabi Kitchens can be found here on the Apartment Therapy website

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